The Local g’s Favorites

Today is different because i get to discuss food and talking about it is every foodies favorite past time. My little sister calls me a local g because i’m very patriotic when it comes to the food and music. This local has many foods on her list but let’s get into the top two:

  • Sweet potatoes and Groundnut Paste with Dried Tilapia: Did you salivate reading that because i did…kinda. Let me put it out there that half the people i know hate sweet potatoes because of the sweetness. I love them because sweet and savory equals happiness for me. That’s a meal i can have and not eat the rest of the day. Also i love that sweet potatoes can be baked, make amazing fries even a pie. Need i say more really!!! Big shout out to my amazing Grandma *also my namesake* she grows the best potatoes I’ve eaten and the farmers in Northern Uganda. (You’re welcome)
These are the best particularly those with orange flesh. Yum!!
  • Kalo and Ggobe: This is my staple food (do people still say that) kalo is a mixture of cassava and millet flour, that’s the mix i like other people would disagree but to each their own. You must be thinking that’s a tonne of carbs but once in a while isn’t bad at all. Ggobe is a local name but its a combination of okra and greens whose name i know not in English. *sorry Grandma* Those two go well together and they are best eaten with a natural fork read fingers. I like to add peanut butter for an even better taste.
The internet equivalent of Ggobe

I’m thankful for having easy access to locally grown food. Food tastes different when it is fresh not forgetting the meats and fish too. Don’t forget to thank the vendors in the market and the farmers too for putting in the work. (If you know any)

That’s all folks, until tomorrow!!

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