Thriving with endometriosis

Living with endometriosis is a silent condition because it’s not visible to the outside world. A woman could look happy and healthy but inside she’s in immense pain. Having witnessed one of my best friends struggle with it, I know how debilitating daily life can be even for her who has a high pain threshold. […]

Thriving with endometriosis

This is a repost from Merly Hartnett.

Sometimes the reality of the condition is a hard pill to swallow but what we can do is thrive through it all.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoy today’s Endo read. Big shout to Merly make sure to check out her blog.

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Linda Stella

Extremely Introverted but loud in writing PCOS Victim & Advocate Lover of Books, Words & Music Obsessed with Self Growth

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