#WinterABC Day 18 : Camping Nightmare

During the treasure hunt me and Gloria split up to get back to the end point faster. While i look for the bag tied to one of the trees i hear an odd noise. “What was that?” i say to myself. I hear the sound again “Hello, this is not the time to be playing. Who is there?” i echo into the bush. Gloria comes running deep breathed “Ella we need to run back to the camp fire. There is a pack of stray dogs coming our way.”

As we run my legs fail me and i fall down. I feel something crack and a sharp sudden pain all at the same time. Gloria was ahead of me that she didn’t hear me fall. I get up and try to catch up but couldn’t run as fast. From where i was i could hear the dogs and see the camp fire. Gloria came back for me. “Stella!!” she exclaims. “You’re bleeding, what happened?” she asks. I didn’t feel any pain so i was shocked to hear of blood.

At the camp emergency tent we wait for the nurse available to attend me but after thirty minutes there was no one coming. “I packed an aid kit but it’s in the car” i speak with the remaining energy left in me. “Stay here, let me go get it and call Ryan too” Gloria speaks hurriedly.

As the time flies i’m getting weaker by the minute and there is no nurse to help me stop the bleeding. I take off my sweater and wrap it around my leg where i see two tiny fang like holes. A snake bit me as we ran back to the camping site. The poison must have moved far up into my system and i have no idea what snake it could be.

In so much pain i get up and drag myself to the car where i find Gloria trying to call a deep asleep Ryan. With the little energy left in me i scream so loudly he gets up and sees us. By the time he woke up, i was dying, on the ground helpless and out of breath. The poison weakened me and i’d been left unattended to for a long time.

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Linda Stella

Extremely Introverted but loud in writing PCOS Victim & Advocate Lover of Books, Words & Music Obsessed with Self Growth

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