#WinterABC Day 17 : Of Current Affairs

After a whole day of thinking i decided to sit this one out. There’s so much going on in the world that you’d expect me to have a lot to say on current affairs. We have issues we would like to share but how to put that in words that will not come off as mean or insensitive is not easy.

In Uganda just like any other country we have corona virus cases and they keep increasing. Every day i get to move out of the house and see what this pandemic has done to people. My concern is mostly those who are out of work, the people that worked for money not to save but to survive. I don’t know how to put that in words without getting teary. What is the true importance of the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness?

The news is filled with greedy and selfish politicians who are the least bothered about the people that voted them into power. What kind of leaders live among us? The 2021 elections are coming up, they are warming up their lies and ready to blindside desperate people. I voted once and i’m highly unlikely to vote again. (that could change a long the way)

Rape victims have gotten voices but they are not getting the attention they need and deserve. Coming out and sharing their stories is one step in the right direction but what about the rapists.What happens to the individual that left a permanent scar on an innocent soul. One rapist (student of the bar course in Ug, LDC) had the audacity to file a law suit against the female he raped. What kind of lawyers is the country molding? (Pardon me if i used the law terms wrongly) The lawyers to be reading this, our nation deserves better,we need people ready to fight for justice.

“Celebrities” are running out of what to do and wasting their hard earned money to look for cheap popularity in the media. The economy is already bad as is, they could use that money to invest or diversify their brands or businesses. (But who am i to judge)

Outside my third world country home, racism has never stopped and some white people have the audacity to portray their ignorance. I’m not letting all the other silently supportive anti racism folks of the hook. Its is a united we stand, divided we fall kind of situation. There’s something wrong and i still don’t get it. What is extremely harmful or scary about a black person, what is wrong with accepting someone for who they are? I still don’t get it God, maybe one day.

2020 has and is still a tough year but it has challenged me to think about so many things. The people or places i thought were superior are not superior after all. Is the world coming to an end? I don’t know either. Is this a sign from the universe that people need to change their ways, maybe but i will never know. Or is it a second chance at life but to be lived differently, with intention, faith, respect and genuineness.

I will never know but maybe you do. Folks as much as i did want to share what is on my mind, i actually don’t have it in me to go that deep. I’d like to commend all the people in their different capacities fighting the good fight for the girl child, women, mothers, unemployed youth, SME business owners,the individuals whose homes and businesses have been occupied by the ever so strong waved Lake Victoria (will do a piece on this) Not forgetting the boy child too.

Love and light to you all.

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Linda Stella

Extremely Introverted but loud in writing PCOS Victim & Advocate Lover of Books, Words & Music Obsessed with Self Growth

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