Of Hormonal Imbalances: Part 3 of the BWUT Series.

If we can lean into people’s lived experiences and people’s humanity we’ll realize that the assumptions and judgments we make of people are very uncalled for and unnecessary. This is one of many reasons i decided to create this idea, many a time we judge or make assumptions about people yet we haven’t lived a day in their life. There’s always a lot more than meets the eye.

Beloved readers i welcome you to the third part of our series. I’m so grateful to you all for reading and sharing the stories that have been told so far. I’m happy but the ladies behind the stories are happier mostly for sharing their truth and that warms my heart. So continue to spread the word and let’s normalize these conversations.

Getting right into it, today’s guest made it clear that she has no chronic illness and almost chickened out saying hers is a smaller issue than the ones shared thus far. I assured her that as long as it causes you more than the usual pain, its not normal and allow yourself to open up. I’m proud of you for taking part in this and i pray you get better with time. Love and light to you my dear.

Welcome Desire PK to the Brave Women, Unique Tales series and this is her story……bonne lecture *French to mean enjoy reading*

1. When did you learn that you had hormone imbalance?

I cannot say I have had any hormonal imbalances but I can say I have had a very weird menstrual cycle from age 14 last between 7 to 14 days a month with excruciating cramp pains that take three to four days and a very heavy flow of blood out of my system. When I was younger I was told that this would change to 2 to 3 days, over 10 years later and nothing has changed.

2. How do you normally explain your hormonal imbalance induced chronic illness to people?

I would not call mine a chronic disease per se because well, its just nature. It gets very hard when other women are opening up about their cycles and I mention mine. Often times me sharing is followed with a lot of pity and shock

3. How would you describe your pain and what is it really like living with a chronic illness/hormonal imbalance?

I have very very painful cramps

4. Have you ever explained your pain to a guy? If yes how?

Yes I have, all I do is tell them straight up about it and luckily none has found it weird – surprisingly, they react better than the girls 

5. What was their reaction?

Comfort and need to help in any possible way

6. What coping mechanisms have helped you survive life with hormone imbalance/chronic illness?

 After a few years of having painful cramps, I learned how to deal with it all. I do not take any medications but rather I lay in bed and sulk the pain away. I have to also put on 3 pads at a go (its something I invented) to avoid staining, and then I keep checking in (making visits to the loos every 30 minutes ) to ensure that I am safe. I have had to leave important work tasks due to staining myself at work even though I take all safety precautions. It’s really hard.

7. Has the hormonal imbalance/chronic illness affected your eating habits?

Usually, during that time of the month for me, I tend to prefer eating vegetables and I hate any meaty meals and I prefer lots of comfort food

8. What myths /assumptions have you heard people say about your hormonal imbalance?

That it means am very fertile – LOL

9. What would you want the world to know about living with a chronic illness/hormonal imbalance?

It’s okay. It’s okay to be different really, to exceed the ordinary. Different is good because that way you get to see a whole different perspective of things that you wouldn’t have seen or experienced if it was all ordinary for you and that you are not alone. There is always someone else living with the same condition and they may be worse so be grateful it did not get as far as theirs. You are not alone.

10. Lastly, two people, you would like to thank for supporting you when times with the illness get tough

  • God
  • My family, friends and all the guys I have told and have not made it seem like I have a problem

Hope you enjoyed today’s story. More stories are on the way and i can’t wait to share them with you.

Love and Light to you all.

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