The Silence

What if i told you everything i shared on here last year was a lie? Yes, what if i made it all up and now life is biting back at me for it? Good news is it was all the truth and i mean nothing but the truth except for one thing. Now that i have your attention, let me tell you a short story about how life is annoyingly interesting.

I’ve always read stories and watched documentaries of how people were wrongly diagnosed by supposed professionals but never once did i think i’d have to share my distress on the same issue. Turns out all seven plus years of my fertility turmoil were based on wrong facts. I choose to say wrong facts because endometriosis is real and complicated but it was not my complication in the first place. Should i be mad at the doctor who signed and stamped my medical documents? In another life maybe but i’m actually grateful because i would never have known about all these fertility complications and the BWUT series which is what pushed me to visit a gynecologist late last year.

After a successful trial blog series, i thought to myself why not visit a gynecologist and check my endo progress because it had been a whole minute. I reached out to my medic friend (also my first roommate) and shared what i had in my mind. She applauded me for wanting to get into the biological count of my hormones. In the same spirit she warned me on how depressing it could get once the results were out. Curiosity got the best of me and see where i ended up.

In depth Audio!! (Pardon the echoes, still getting the hang of this)

I thought it best to share a raw audio on how the process went for me and the effects. Not once did i regret my decision because i’d rather know now than later. Aren’t i scared you might wonder, hell yes i am but it’s not going to stop me from living my best life and handling PCOS like the boss that i am. This illness requires an entire lifestyle change and that is the direction Allure Lounge is taking, it’s time for the tough to get going.

Back to the drawing board but that’s where the fun is. Sharing different stories and creating ideas to share with the women that could find all this useful and men too is what i’m here for. This is going to be an amazing year and i hope you are still here for the joy ride. It feels good to be back !!!

Love and Light.

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Linda Stella

Extremely Introverted but loud in writing PCOS Victim & Advocate Lover of Books, Words & Music Obsessed with Self Growth

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