The Goal…

I’ve always been passionate about writing and not once did i care if i was good at it or not. Before i got tech savvy i’d write something about everything in my diaries or cute notebooks. The aim at the time was to keep my friends entertained, make them laugh and forget about school for a bit.

Surprisingly i took a two year break from writing because i was not feeling it anymore. I’d read articles and blogs of other accomplished writers and tell myself…..”you could never be as good as them”, “they have their craft figured out but you don’t” and so many other demoralizing things my impostor syndrome brought up. One day during this lock down, i had a self-therapy session and had a walk down memory lane. I remembered the joy writing brought me and couldn’t quite put my finger on why i stopped.

Alas, i realized it was a chronic illness I have and had chosen to forget about that brought me to that point. Another interesting fact is it’s because of the same illness that you are actually reading this piece. I have a disorder called Endometriosis in which tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside the uterus. For a long time i looked for people like me to hear or read their stories, how they live with it and survive the hardest times but in vain.

The message sums up the goal for this site.

This brings me to today’s challenge. The goal of this site (which i literally revived 2 weeks back) to bring more awareness on endometriosis, how to live normally with it and give hope and encouragement to fellow victims, parents, siblings even partners to victims. Generally i’m here to normalize it and encourage confidence because we can’t forever feel down about this incurable illness. Personally I’ve given it so much control over my life and i’m using my site to change that and do better. I’d very much like in the long run to meet people with the same or similar interest because i find it unfair to only share my experience.

With that being said, check out my story here and make sure to follow and stay tuned because we are just getting started.

Love and Light to You All From Uganda.

First Blogging Challenge

Beautiful people of the world, how are you holding up during these tough times. There’s so much going on in the world right now but i’m grateful for being alive and i don’t take that for granted.

So, Afrobloggers has a June challenge dabbed WinterABC challenge which i’ve decided to be a part of. I’m already worried about being inconsistent but i’m going to push through because i love to prove myself wrong.

I recently revived my blog and started writing again after a two year long hiatus. Finally decided to look for what is on the other side of fear because why not!!

On this first day, I commit myself to sharing informative and interesting write ups with you during this challenge. Afrobloggers gave us a topic for each day and i’m excited to share my perspectives with you. I hope you’ll read and enjoy.

Before i forget, the challenge is for twenty two days (22!!) and all bloggers will have a post up throughout the week except for the weekends. (Afrobloggers just had to put me on the spot like that) This is going to be very theraputic and exciting because i get to share and read work from fellow amazing writers.

Catch you on the flip side!!